The Green Movement

We at Couture Planet love Practically Green, a Boston-based online service that facilitates our day-to-day decisions about being (and becoming more) green.  The site was launched when its founders were frustrated with the lack of accessible information on the subject.

“The green movement is part of a huge cultural change that is likely to be happening during the next decade,” says Sarah Finnie Robinson, our friend and Director of Social Programming for the site.  

We encourage you to visit and take the Practically Green quiz to measure your impact on the environment on a personal level. The quiz helps folks distinguish between high- and low-impact choices. 

We all need to be in this together!


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Recycle, Repurpose, Relax!!!

We at Couture Planet can’t wait to check out the new NYC hotspot, Revision Lounge. We first came across this hip lower eastside lounge on one of our fave blogs The lounge is tastefully furnished with materials that have been recycled, reused, and refabricated and the furniture itself is an interactive gallery. When is the field trip???

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Mark Your Calendars!!!

Couture Planet is thrilled to be involved with the planning of WEARABLE ART! – a fashion event featuring Boston designer, Sara Campbell.  This event is hosted by the Lynn Museum & Historical Society.  It is our absolute pleasure to support the Museum and its director, Kate Luchini, and staff.  The Lynn Museum is a little gem that serves as a repository for the rich history of the City.

The highlight of the evening will be a fashion trend review moderated by Sara Campbell herself.  Sara’s collection offers styles created with warm hues, soft silks, casual knits and exclusive detailing.

The evening will feature food by Couture Planet’s favorite Lynn establishment, the Blue Ox (check out the spicy tuna tartare – secret ingredient is cream cheese!) and signature libations by Pinnacle Vodka and wine provided by Kappy’s Fine Wine and Spirits.

Wearable art by local artisans, will be featured and available for sale.  These include:

Absolutely Creations Jewelry : Julia van Dinter-Ledoux’s jewelry collection created with repurposed iron and copper-based metals.

sac A main : Elizabeth Berthoud’s one-of-a-kind handbags designed and crafted using delicious and unique fabrics.

M and Zen: Michelle Mullignan’s beautiful and unique statement coats and unique furnishings.

And…Couture Planet, of course!

Tickets for the event are $50 and benefit educational programming at the Lynn Museum.  Reserve your ticket by contacting Dena Capano at 781.581.6200 at the Museum.

Contact Michelle at for further information.

Hope to see you there!

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We were pleasantly surprised when we walked into Mack & Mack last week and found this!

Mack and Mack is a Greensboro-based womens boutique and clothing producer. Designer and co-owner, Robin Mack Davis, merchandises her store with her own beautiful line of clothing as well as other gorgeous and unique items. Apparently, Robin is also an accomplished chef and food aficionado who makes a mean Mack and Mack-n-Cheese! Pay a visit at

Thanks Robin, for supporting Couture Planet!




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The Women of Couture Planet Salute

Lydia Pinkham!

We at Couture Planet are very fortunate to have our workroom at the Lydia Pinkham Building in Lynn, Massachusetts. Lydia Pinkham, born in city of Lynn in 1819, was an entrepreneur who made home remedies for “women’s’ ailments.” After her husband went bankrupt in 1873, she began marketing her compounds.  Thousands of women swore by Lydia’s Vegetable Compound to ease their way through menopause and passed this ‘change of life’ knowledge on to their daughters.  Within a few years, her enterprise returned just under $300,000.  In 1925, her surviving son & daughter realized $3 million in revenues from the business.

            The secret of her success, some say was not her clever advertisements but that the concoction of ground herbs & roots were bound with close to 20% pure alcohol. Lydia, who was a good Quaker woman with ties to the Woman’s Christian Temperance Movement, saw no ethical problems with the medicinal use of alcohol and claimed it’s purpose was as a solvent and preservative.   It is not surprising then that Lydia’s greatest success was during Prohibition years.  The Pinkham family business was sold in 1968 to Cooper Laboratories.  We’re not certain if Lydia’s product is still being manufactured.

The Lydia Pinkham Building, where we work, is the factory her Vegetable Compound built in the late 1800’s. It now houses a number of businesses including bookbinding, furniture upholstering, pottery, jewelers, stained glass and, Couture Planet!

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Quotes to Live By

“Going green should never be a compromise between

keeping it green & keeping one’s style.”


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Bionic Yarn

The multi-talented artist/producer Pharrell Williams is a key investor in a new bionic Yarn, which can be woven into a tough water- repellant material that looks like traditional cotton but dries quicker & is twice as abrasion resistant. The Bionic Yarn is a highly durable fiber composed of organic cotton wrapped around a core of recycled PET, a plastic commonly used for the production of soda bottles. The N.E.R.D. frontman & green entrepreneur is partnering with Timberland to create more than 90 different pairs of shoes and boots made with their canvas.

Companies who are also commercializing the Bionic Fiber include Moncler, Topshop, & Cole Haan


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