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Living in a Container

A talented architect by the name of Benjamin Garcia created a stylish yet economical home made out of shipping containers!!!  This gorgeous pad resides in San Jose, Costa Rica and has a raised center which gives out natural day light. It also has a wind tower effect that encourages natural ventilation, which works so well that they never have to turn on their AC. The awe-inspiring thing about this design is the fact that it only cost $40,000 and its a great way to utilize waste .  I definitely wouldn’t mind living in this container.


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Recycle, Repurpose, Relax!!!

We at Couture Planet can’t wait to check out the new NYC hotspot, Revision Lounge. We first came across this hip lower eastside lounge on one of our fave blogs The lounge is tastefully furnished with materials that have been recycled, reused, and refabricated and the furniture itself is an interactive gallery. When is the field trip???

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