Chicago takes the Cup–We take the papers.

Attention all (non-Bostonian) sports fans!

As we all know, the Chicago Blackhawks were victorious over the Boston Bruins to win the Stanley Cup.  For me, a recent Boston “transplant” to Chicago, it was bittersweet (but mostly bitter) to see the Blackhawks come out on top.  The hooting, hollering, and beeping in and around Clark Street wasn’t exactly the perfect lullaby to a frustrating night either.

But all of my Black & Gold pride aside, I was excited to support my new town in their glory.  And what better way to keep the celebration going than to give these die-hard “Hawkeytown” fans of Chicago something that they can hold onto forever!

It was strange to be gathering over one hundred copies of a newspaper that featured Blackhawk’s left-wing Patrick Sharp holding the Cup above his head in grandeur, but do you know what was even more strange?  The look on local Chicagoan’s faces as we carried all of the copies home with us.  Little did they know, Couture Planet would use these newspapers to create beautiful handbags–capturing the celebratory memories, high-fives and team camaraderie that came from the previous evening.

Image102 Chicago Tribune newspapers scattered across our Wrigleyville apartment.

Ladies and gentlemen, Couture Planet is coming to Chicago!  Interested in these 100% recycled, handmade in the USA, fashionable, and statement-making handbags?  Take a look at all of the pictures featured below and check out our website for more information on all of the various sizes and styles of handbags that we offer!  Also, check out our Facebook Page!

Please e-mail any questions or orders to us at

Image Front page of the Chicago Tribune, Tuesday, June 25, 2013.  Any Chicago fan would be proud to wear this bag!

Image What a picture!  This would make an awesome Tote!

Image Electrifying picture of Bolland and Kruger as they celebrate their victory!  Interview with Andrew Shaw below, painted in “war blood” from a puck in the face at the start of the 2nd period.

ImageBlackhawk’s coach Joel Quenneville has his game face on! This bag will definitely be a conversation starter.

Image Fans go crazy as they celebrate their win!  You will surely be “The Talk” of the town sporting this page as a clutch or Coco!

ImageThis “Fan”-tastic clutch incorporates two of the most intense photos featured in the Tribune!

ImageHere’s another idea of what your unique clutch could look like! Coach Joel Quenneville paired with triumphant fans!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to purchasing your own one-of-a-kind handbag with Couture Planet.  Don’t forget to e-mail us with your requests, before it’s too late!


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